The kitchen in the heart of finland

The kitchen in the Heart of Finland is full of Central Finnish foods inspired by the locals’ close relationship with nature. Changing with the seasons, the clean local ingredients are obtained from our rustling forests, shimmering lakes and local farms; wild game and herbs, berries, mushrooms, fish, crops and cattle. The food is a mix of centuries-old traditions and new gourmet delicacies.

The people living in the Centre and Heart of Finland don’t like to draw attention to themselves, which is why the cuisine of Central Finland isn’t talked about much, even though we can offer you culinary delights the likes of which you have never tasted before. People have even moved to live in the region because of the rich soil and earth. The secret to the Heart of Finnish cuisine’s recipes is clean nature. In the Lomaseutu holiday region, people want to take care of the sustainability of the environment, and several restaurants offer vegan options. You can get the best idea of the local foods from the menus at our a lá carte restaurants. Reserve a table for hurry-free dining and feast on local fare, or stop by our restaurants along Highway 4 on your way.

Local delicacies

Hotel Pihkuri in Viitasaari is known for its good food, and it’s only 200 metres away from Highway 4. During summer, you can order vendace straight from the waters of the pristine Lake Kentele on Hotel Pihkuri’s a lá carte list, and the vegetables, strawberries and new potatoes for the courses have been bought from the market and its local producers. During the autumn season, restaurants use berries and mushrooms from the forests. For vegans, the burger list has, for example, a Veggie Burger.

The restaurant Peurantupa in Kivijärvi cooks up real delicacies that will tickle your taste buds with a big heart and relaxed approach. You can order locally made tasty burgers, pizzas and salads with products from the microbrewery. They serve highland steak from the Kalmari Farm in Kivijärvi, Komppa-Seppälä’s Järki Särki roach preserves, Jukolan Juusto cheddar cheese, zander from the local waters, along with pastries made by Kotileipomo Satu Pitkänen and beers from microbrewery Hiisi. PeuranTupa often features performers too, so make sure to check the events calendar.

A new restaurant, the Ruska Bar & Bistro, has been opened in Kinnula with changing lunch menus offering local flavours. By request, they also cater to the customers’ wishes, taking account of special diets and allergies.

Enjoy the best bits

If you feel like having a proper, delicious meal of game and wild food for a bigger party, you might want to reserve a table in the wild game restaurant Pikku Peura in Kinnula, or Rajalan Riihi at Pihtipudas.

In the wild game restaurant Pikku Peura in Kinnula, the portions look as beautiful as can be, and every detail is thought through. And they taste heavenly. In Kinnula, they use fresh and smoked salmon, common whitefish from Kaakkolampi Pond and zander from Lake Kivijärvi. The venison used in the restaurants comes from Polarica and the hunting clubs of the region. Restaurants also favour local suppliers when it comes to other meat products.

Delight in the Lomaseutu

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